Image Courtesy of: Mashable

According to the New York Times, Twitter bios are now a post-modern art form. Your bio is meant to reflect who you are, and convince someone that by following you you can somehow enrich their lives in some way every time they scroll down their timeline.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not the most Twitter-savvy user and most definitely could use some help in making my personal profile more appealing to potential followers. Your bio is one of the most important factors in gaining followers, but it is also what determines how your account will show up in keyword searches. If you care about how you’re being perceived by the hundreds of millions of users on Twitter, you might want to take your bio more seriously.

An article on Mashable recently offered a guide in “How to Write a Rockstar Twitter Bio.” These are some of the things that they advise to keep in mind:

  • The Bio as an Art Form: Don’t think of the 160-character ‘limit’ as such, but a way to creatively or commercially be concise. If you’re more about selling yourself to a desired audience, then make your bio to be your best pitch. But, if you are more of the creative type, then think of your bio as a beautiful poem where all the words fit just right.
  • The Bio as a Cliché: There are remarkably too many bios in the Twitter-sphere that look somewhat like this, “Comic Book Expert. Car Buff. Caffeine Addict.” Bios like this can make you easily interchangeable with others, and takes away from your own special uniqueness.
  • Bio Basics: NO TYPOS! Use spellcheck, love spellcheck. Also important, be consistent! Find a format that works for you (list-based, separating words with commas, periods, or vertical bars) and stick with it.
  • Learn from Others: Don’t be afraid to look at what other people have done. Pay special mind to users who have huge followings and apply it to your own bio.
  • Find Your Unique Sell: If you’re a professional, make it clear what it is that you do. Establish yourself as an expert in your industry sector and make yourself stand out against the rest.
  • Consider SEO: Besides the regular Twitter searches, third-party organizations are searching for Twitter bios by using keywords, such as location, age, and interests. By optimizing your bio to give out the most perfect details about you, you’re telling the world why they should follow you.
  • Be Unusual: Put out what makes you STAND OUT! What is it about you that is going to enrich someone’s timeline? Put your personality and your quirks in your bio that represents the value in what you have to say.

So with all that in mind, hopefully you’ll be able to write up that impressive Twitter bio once and for all. Good luck Tweeples!