ImageImage Courtesy of: Glasses for Noah Facebook Page

Well, if this isn’t the sweetest story ever then I don’t know what is.

Little Noah just got his very first pair of eyeglasses, and quite understandably, he is not at all excited to wear them. Noah’s mom decided to take to Facebook and created a group called “Glasses for Noah” in which she asked friends and family to post pictures of themselves donning their own glasses to show her son that glasses are in fact cool. 

Little did Noah’s mom, Lindsey, know that 4,000 likes later and the page goes viral. Not only did friends and family show their support, but countless generous strangers have posted their own pictures in the group to encourage 4-year-old Noah to wear his glasses. The page features pictures from people in the military to even dogs.

Funnily enough, although Noah loves the pictures, he’s still not all that enthused to rock his new glasses. Oh well, at least there’s some funny pics floating around now. Check out Glasses for Noah yourself.